Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Top Trends 2010

1.Beige Miu Miu
Stella McCartney

Chloe Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney

3.Maxi dress
Stella McCartney

Top Shop
Miu Miu

Alexander Wang


Stella McCartney
Marc Jacobs

Hi guys!
Today we want to tell you about trends of 2010 year)
1. The first place is beige(Nude)
Beige- is a new black)Does not remain a designer who has not used this color in their collections.
Beige shoes at the peak of popularity))

2. Denim!
All fashion chicks have denim shirt,jeans"Boyfriend",shorts or jacket in their wardrobe*

3. Maxi dress.
Yeees guys....The longer is the better!you can wear a maxi dress for a night party or go out with friends)

4. Clogs.
The first time people saw clogs on the fashion show Chanel spring-summer 2010....and they liked these shoes)as a result, many fashion houses have begun to produce clogs)

5. Military.
Favorite theme of military garments, designers play up differently)
coat or jacket in military style, one of the main things of the season*

The leather clothes are intended for courageous, self-assured women)And many designers have embodied this idea in the collections:Celine,Hermes,Yves Saint Laurent...

7. Lace.
lace dresses and skirts, tops and blouses with lace inserts in the season look both sexy and elegant)

8. Linen.
Bodices, corsets, combinations should be openly: to dress as a fully-item costume, and in addition to clear things)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Morning walk

Top Shop sunglasses
Polina:Roxy braclet and Clio Blue ring

Polina's sandals Charles&Keith
Nastia:Accessorize earring
Accessorize braclet

Nastia:Charles&Keith flats
Guess T-shirts
Miss Sixty short
bag from Monaco
Nastia:Fat Face belt

Brandy&Melville top and Patrizia Pepe skirt

Today morning we met with our friend Sonia,which you had seen in our past posts.
we were very glad to see her.
first of all we visited Pizzeria,then went for a walk in the park.
we spoke about a lot of important things:friends,education,boys and fashion...
the weather was very warm....and I and Polina decided to wear white T-shirts.
Next week Julia will come back from England....and we will make posts together.
Thank you for your comments.....but,please,follow at our blog,because it's very important for us)*
Nice views))))

Friday, 23 July 2010



Polina:ring from Murano glass
Polina:Brandy&Melville T-shirt and zara short
Charles&Keith bag

Nastia:bag from Monaco and Miss Sixty flats
Nastia:Swatch,Swarovski braclet

Nastia:Mango T-shirt and zara short

Hi guys!
Now we're at home)
Today was really difficult day,because we had 2 flying....and we slept last night only 3 hours(
It is our post of last day in Venezia,we were impressed of this is wonderful)))
So.....Nastia decided to wear T-shirt from Mango with fringe)
As for me,I wore our new Sturbucks T-shirt and hat from Venezia)

And now some news.....Nastia is going to.........America at the end of summer)