Friday, 28 May 2010

Back in the past

Polina: Brandy Top
Top Shop glasses

Zara short

Nastia: Accessorize ring(rose) and Clio Blue ring

Top Shop top and Zara short

At last all exams have ended)
Today weather was good, but we could not go outdoors, because we had many house work (
But we hope that tomorrow you will see a new post outdoors)
a post is called "Back in the past", because we remembered 90-th (jeans shorts and free T-shirts), and we found our old camera "Poloroid"
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What is white now

We have got exams, but we found time to show you this wonderful photosession, which we found in April issue Harper's Bazaar))
Two beautiful models: Jessica Stam and Heidi Mount were
in fantastic dresses from spring-and-summer collections.
They walked with dogs, laughed, played tennis and simply played the fool.
Our friend promised to make to us similar photosession))))
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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

What's in the bags?

Polina's bag)))

2. Mark Labat wallet
4.Chanel mascara
7.small morror
8.Netbook bag.

Nastia's bag)))

2.waleet design by Caroline Lisfranc
3.small mirror
4.Chanel powder bag
6.TopShop sunglasses as an ice cream

Hi dears)
Today we had our first exam, and now we are very busy, but we do not want to forget our blog, and decided to make a new post "What's in the bags"
in our bags is almost everything that girls of our age need.
... Cosmetics, iPod, any different things (pins, accessories, lots of lip gloss ....)
In the first picture you will see Polina's bag, and everything in it),
in the second half of the post will Nastia's bag)

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Monday, 10 May 2010

Sunday with friend

Nastia: zara short, Miss Sixty shoes and Patrizia Pepe T-shirt
ice cream fan
Polina: Top Shop dress and jacket

Nastia: zara studded jacket
Sonia's hair)
studded zara jacket
Nastia: accessorize ring

So, today was the last day of our freedom, because the whole week we will have exams (
We went for a walk with Best Friend-Sonia)
we went to the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street" ... it was very scary)
Polina bought a new black satin shoes)
Then we bought fan looks like an ice cream, but on the way home, Sonya turned it on, and her hair was confused..
at first it was funny and cute,all the people smiled, but then ... we could not untangle her hair, and we cut small peace of her hair ((
exam tomorrow .. wish us luck))