Monday, 29 March 2010

white top black bottom

Nastia: top shop dress and cardigan

I love wavy hair

Nastia: chanel nail colour (455)

So guys ... today Nastia went to the cinema, and for this case she decided to wear a dress, was top-white, and a bottom-black)

It looked quite nice, she put on top black cardigan, and all manner of unpretentious accessories complement)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shopping Day

Polina: zara fur coat and trousers

Nastia: mng jacket

Nastia: Mel & Davis scarf (New York)

Polina: Lily shoes
Polina: favourite ring-Clio Blue

Today we went shopping basically did purchases for mum
It was rather tiresome.

There was a cool day, therefore Polina has dressed the fur coat and black trousers.
Nastia has decided to put the
leather jacket and warm dress)
we looked like spring)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sunday in the theatre

Nastia: Zara jacket

Nastia: bag by Caroline Lisfranc
Polina: ring by Salvador Dali
Polina: ring by Clio Blue
Polina: Top Shop skirt and blouse

Hi,dears! We spent last Sunday with our family, visiting the local theatre...
So during the preparation, my sister (Polina) and me decided to make some photos
I think, black looks elegant, so i wanted to be dressed in black clothes.
Polina was wearing her new skirt, it looked gordeous:)
Thanks for attention:)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tuesday Photosession

Marc Jacobs jacket and belt, Louis Vuitton sik scarf and Chanel 2.55 bag
Marc Jacobs jacket and belt, Love Moschino jeans, Carnaby heels, Louis Vuitton silk scarf, Chanel 2.55 bag, holding Harper`s Bazaar Russia
Paul&Shark cotton shirt

Today was completely mad from the early morning..:) I had no time even for up-grading my blog, because today i had a photosession..:) Post-hen`s party morning i had to choose what clothes and shoes to take, what make-up to do, what to do with my hair and certainly...what role to play.
During the photosession i wasn`t shy or confused, because my best friend Jane made all the photos by herself. Frankly speaking, i was impressed by the way she`s just amazing!:)
Jane made more than 100 photos, but here you can find several of them...
It`s so interesting to strike poses, playing your role..:)
If you are interested, visit her profile:

I`m so tired now...wish u a good night and sweet dreams :*
Yours, Julia

The Hen's Party.

The Birth of our blogspot ;)

Hey, everybody:)
Well...last night we had a hen's party at Julia' we were talking about our new blogspot, eating (Julia: Ohhh, my poor stomach) and without any doubt, making some here they are:) Later we are going to upload our SkypeFun photos, we hope u'll enjoy it:) Yahooo, party up:) We fing it so cool having rocking vacations after 3 months of boring it is how it's going:)))

Monday, 22 March 2010


Hi, Guys:)We`re glad to meet u at our blogspot;)
Well...We`re best friends, classmates...etc, etc...together forever:)
Ok, let`s begin...We`re here to express our feelings, thoughts and impressions...and
to have conversations about our interests, in fact, fashion:))) Yeah?:)
You can also enjoy yourself watchin` our photos:)..
Polina, Julia, Nastia.