Monday, 10 May 2010

Sunday with friend

Nastia: zara short, Miss Sixty shoes and Patrizia Pepe T-shirt
ice cream fan
Polina: Top Shop dress and jacket

Nastia: zara studded jacket
Sonia's hair)
studded zara jacket
Nastia: accessorize ring

So, today was the last day of our freedom, because the whole week we will have exams (
We went for a walk with Best Friend-Sonia)
we went to the movie "Nightmare on Elm Street" ... it was very scary)
Polina bought a new black satin shoes)
Then we bought fan looks like an ice cream, but on the way home, Sonya turned it on, and her hair was confused..
at first it was funny and cute,all the people smiled, but then ... we could not untangle her hair, and we cut small peace of her hair ((
exam tomorrow .. wish us luck))