Saturday, 12 June 2010

A smart model is a good model

Hey, ya!
Here is Julia, so i want to tell u smth about my Tuesday fashion photosession.
I had to work for Paul & Shark (the clothes are simply gorgeous) PR campaign for my city, so my agent made me to pose for more than 2 hundred shots!!! I was not tired at all, because modelling, frankly speaking, is just amazing, but i was a lil bit afraid in the beginning! The weather was just perfect for the summer session - bright sky without any cloud, shining sun and sparkling river Don. The model who assisted me was, actually, more professional, so Alexey helped me a lot with striking different poses, sharing my emotions and etc., so i appreciate his advices. Thank u, Alexey!
The photographer and the editor wanted us to act like a fell-in-love couple, or just married, so here u can see our backstage shots...Hope, u`ll enjoy it:*

See u later, my lovely! ххх

Yours, Julia:*


  1. You look gorgeous! Thank you for stopping by Little Blue Deer, of course I will follow! XO!

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  3. Great shots! The models and background are beautiful!


  4. nice pics!!
    thank for your comment!

  5. awesomeness (:

    xx rena.

  6. Waaaouw, you're amazing, I'd so like to do thiat, you have a very great chance !! :) And you're really pretty :p