Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sunny weekend

Polina: Yamamay swimsuit)

Nastia:Yamamay swimsuit)

our friend's dog)))

Hi dears*
Yesterday we visited the village for 2 days, and now we are at home))The weather was really hot(+44)
and we have the swimming pool at the our house,so we wore our swimsuits...swam,played football and badminton)
Now few words about our plans for August:
Aug. 24 birthday of our father, and We guess we'll go to Israel for four days to celebrate his birthday there),
the entire month, we will walk out and have fun with our friends *
ok guys,have a good evening)


  1. 44?кошмар,как вы там вобще выживаете в такой температуре?
    мне тут 35 много)
    милые купальники)

  2. аахахаха,бассейн спасает))))
    за купальники спасибо)*

  3. hey girl, i saw your blog address on my blog, and I love it :)
    I'll definately follow you :p

  4. thank you,dear)
    your comments are really important for us)