Monday, 16 August 2010

Walk in park

Top Shop sunglasses
Swatch watch,hand-made braclet , and "peace" braclet from France
Top Shop tank top and skirt

Tosca Blu sandals

Charles&Keith bag
Sorry)I had problem with my face)
H&M skirt

Top Shop sunglasses
Swatch watch and H&M braclet
hand-made T-shirt
Bruno Premi wedges
our friends from dance

Hi dears*
Sorry we took so long to update the blog,we were very busy)
I had surgery on my leg, not very serious, but I was banned for a week loading the leg, so I sat at home, in front of TV-set with popcorn, shorter than doing nothing)
Nastia started in fitness rather continue her training after a vacation in Italy) hahaha))
Today we went with our friends in the movie, and took pictures, was great weather, sun has shone brightly, and all the pictures are bright *Our friends: Victoria and Anastasia were on their heels, and Nastia too)
I was wearing sandals, because my leg joints)
Good evening guys)


  1. I love your sandals, sunglases and wedges!


  2. Oh this is so pretty, i loved the skirt and the peace bracelet!
    Lovely blog. Greetings

  3. you guys look cute in your outfits! lovely blog :)

  4. thank's :) you'r blog is very nice and you'r beautiful

  5. Uuuuuzasnýýýý!!moc libi !!!!podivejte tady treba se vam taky zalibi.-)